Whole Smoked Turkey (14lbs.)

We raise our turkeys 25 to 27 weeks to acquire that proper finish. By raising the turkeys longer, they develop a thin film of fat under the skin that makes them self-basting, so you don't have to add any type of oil or butter. You just let the turkey cook in its own natural juices. Every bird has all fine pin feathers removed and kidneys removed (excess weight). The giblets and neck are properly packaged and stored in the turkey cavity, and our turkeys are chilled with ice before final packaging. These turkeys are brined in a very low-salt solution (8% vs. the standard 20%) for 5 days and then smoked for a day in a 50/50 mix of oak and hickory smoke - oak for the flavor and hickory for the color. They have a reduced shelf-life of only a about one month as a result of the low salt.

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