Whole Pig (200lbs. min. hanging weight)

Our pigs are kept in rotational pasture paddocks. Our growing pigs are housed mostly at the farm where our grain is grown. They are outside running around, have plenty of grass to munch on and they are supplemented with certified organic soy-free grains as well as both fresh milk from our cows and whey after I make cheese. The whole pig is normally about a third sausage, a third chops and a third roasts, but this is customizable. Roasts can also be ground if you wish.
Price includes cut, wrap & freeze and two types of one-of-a-kind special Chisholm sausage recipes (choose from chorizo, mild Italian, robust Italian, sweet Italian, English banger, mustard brat).
Pick up is either at the farm or at the butcher in Tecumseh.

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