Ground Beef

This is beef that has been ground or finely chopped. That which is labeled generic €œground beef€ or €œhamburger€ is generally the trimmings of the cheapest cuts, such as brisket and shank. These cuts can be up to 30% fat, which will have the greatest shrinkage. The next level up is ground chuck at 15% to 20% fat, generally considered to be the best balance of flavor and shrinkage. The leanest meats, ground round or sirloin, are best eaten rare or medium rare because they don€™t have enough fat content to keep from drying out with further cooking. Ground beef is used for meatballs, meat loaf, meat sauces, hamburger and other dishes. By the way, hamburger was popular among the Russian Tartars, who shredded the tougher cuts of beef and gave us the name for Steak Tartare. They introduced the dish to Germany before the 14th century.

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