Grass-Fed Meat

So, what's the big deal about grass-fed meat?

It doesn't matter where you look these days, grass-fed meat is everywhere.  My European music teacher used the acronym "All Cows Eat Grass" to teach me the order of the notes on the stave spaces.  It certainly seemed like an obvious and correct sentence to me, but it obviously isn't true.  So...if all cows don't eat grass, what do they eat?  And why do we need to feed it to them? 

I receive a lot of phone calls asking if we sell grass-fed meat at Home Grown Cow.  When I check with the caller to make sure that they don't mean "pasture-raised", they might say: "...well, isn't that the same?".  They might even go so far as to say: "That's Organic, right?".  The fact is, we are so swamped in food marketing and myths, that no-one really knows what these terms mean, and in some cases, they don't really mean much of anything.  On this page I'll try to explain just a few points to help clarify the meaning of grass-fed, the beasts to which it normally applies, and why you might want, or not want, to consume it.