How it Works

  • A virtual farmers' market using technology to link independent producers with consumers.
  • Redirecting the product of independent livestock farms making it more profitable for farmers and more affordable for consumers.
  • Revitalizing rural America with homegrown products.
  • An additional market for independent livestock farmers.
  • Independent farmers retain a large portion of the off-farm costs associated with traditional retail.

Eight Simple Steps: How it works:

  1. Farmers sign up as Home Grown Cow Farmers and create a farm profile with info about their farm, farming practices and products.
  2. Farmers list the products they have for sale on their profile which could be bulk meat (E.g.: a side of beef) or cuts (E.g.: a pack of 10 organic lamb chops), or poultry, or cheese, along with availability dates.
  3. Home Grown Cow conducts online marketing activities to drive traffic to the site and find customers for the listed products.
  4. Consumers place orders and checkout with a credit card - though they are not billed right away.
  5. Farmers are notified via e-mail and phone and accept (or reject) the order.
  6. When an order is accepted by the farmer, HCG charges the customer's credit card account and notifies the customer that their order has been placed.
  7. The customer receives the product (either local pick-up, local delivery or shipping)
  8. Home Grown Cow pays the Farmer once the customer has received their order.

Why Would Farmers Use Home Grown Cow?

  • No cost to farmers! The farmer always receives the price they set as the Farm Price.
  • Guaranteed and speedy payment - customer pays up-front. Payment is remitted quickly to Farmers avoiding collections issues.
  • Inventory Planning: Farmers can post future availability under their profile - even into next season.
  • Flexibility - Farmers can modify or reject an order if the item(s) is/are no longer available.
  • No web site maintenance, no merchant bank accounts, no shipping carrier accounts needed.
  • Shipping is facilitated at excellent rates and shipping labels are automatically provided to farmers.
  • Unparalleled national Marketing footprint

Why Would Eaters Use Home Grown Cow?

  • They can know where their meat is coming from.
  • They can specify their meat according to:
    • Location
    • Farm Practices (E.g. Organic, Grass Fed, Pasture Raised etc.)
    • Farm Size
    • Meat type (Beef, Pork, Chicken etc.)
    • Cuts vs. Bulk (1/4 steer, lamb chops)
    • Delivery method (Local pick-up or delivery, or shipping).
  • Their billing information is safe and not shared with Farms or third parties.
  • Their purchase is protected by the Home Grown Cow safety net, as Farmers aren't paid spacer until 24 hours after the product is received by the Eater.