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Our Features

  • Keep More Profits
    The entire Farm Price listed by the farm is paid to the farmer when a sale is made.
  • Nationwide Exposure
    Reach markets on your doorstep and nationwide. Any kind of meat or cheese can be sold.
  • Sell and Ship
    List, sell and ship your products at absolutely no cost whatsoever.
  • It's Free
    There is no cost to farmers for using Home Grown Cow - it is completely free and paid for by consumers.
  • Pick your Prices
    Producers list their products and pick their own prices. Home Grown Cow just adds a service fee.
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Benefits include

  • Free Marketing
    Continuous online exposure to millions of potential customers nationwide.
  • Show how you're the Best
    Identify your farm practices to match you with customers seeking them.
  • Flexible Delivery
    List your farm as a local pick-up, local delivery or national shipping farm with deep customers discounts and no hassle for farms.
  • Guaranteed Payment
    Order Acceptance Safety Net (see below). Customers pay in advance with credit cards ensuring commitment.
  • No Technical Stuff!
    Simple farm profile editing with no web site fees.