Home Grown Cow - New York City

Welcome to Home Grown Cow’s New York City Page!  Whether you’re looking for a quarter beef for the freezer or some pork chops for the weekend, his page highlights some of the best farms that service the New York area with Home Grown Cow.   Orders can be delivered to your door, picked up at the farm.  If you live in New York and order from one of these farms, you will benefit from Home Grown Cow’s great discount on regular Fed-Ex home delivery rates, making it more than worthwhile to ship meat, poultry or cheese directly from the farm to you.

Dutch Meadows Organics

Spring Water Farm is located in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We raise organic pastured pork, 100% grass fed beef, and pastured poultry, including turkeys. We also own Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy which produces raw cheese.

Welsh Mountain Farm

Welsh Mountain Farm is a small family-operated farm. Instead of following the American trend of GET BIG or GET OUT, we have decided on this mission statement:
Our goal is to increase the quality of our product without increasing our building structure or herd size.
To be good stewards to our herd and land.
To have a lifestyle and profitability that will interest our children and others to take a career in agriculture.

Steady Lane Farm

Cows are meant to forage for their meals, so our herd feeds on lush grass in our valley and hillside pastures during the warm months and good hay during the cold months. Healthy and robust, few ever require antibiotics, and grow just fine without hormones. Room to roam and constant, access to good grass and herbs, respectful treatment and careful breeding all give our beef its exceptional flavor.

Pineline Farm

We raise Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens, as they are very round bird giving everyone something to enjoy. Our pork comes from a line of Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots. They have a beautiful combination of meat to fat. They are raised on fresh pasture and are also given feed that we grow and grind on the farm. The beef that Pineline Poultry sells is raised and bred on our father farm, Thomas View Farm, and is then purchased from them (which is us also). It usually takes 2 years after birth to harvest these Galloways. They are known to be juicier and more tender than the Black Angus, also cuter.

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