Home Grown Cow - Refund Policy

Home Grown Cow - Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges are guaranteed. If you, the customer, are not 100% satisfied with your order, please feel free to contact us so we can attempt to address the issue. This does not apply in cases where the order is delivered in a timely manner but the customer fails to take possession of it. Refunds do not apply to shipping charges.

Please ensure you enter in the correct and accurate shipping address for your packages. Incorrect addresses can also cause delays and additional cost to correct / reroute. We will not be held responsible for spoilage or reimbursement of shipping charges and address correction fees resulting from this. Please keep in mind that incorrect addresses can take additional time to be delivered.

Products - Not As Described (NAD)

If your order from Home Grown Cow does not match the description on your order detail, Home Grown Cow will investigate the error and attempt to resolve it. If it is not possible to rectify the problem, we will happily compensate a customer appropriately with either a refund or credit. ALL CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS FOR PRODUCT THAT IS "NOT AS DESCRIBED" MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 24 HOURS by sending us a message.

Please note that Home Grown Cow products are priced by the item, and not by the weight (see Buying Meat in Bulk). Each item shows a minimum weight which our farms attempt to keep as accurate as possible. It is possible that your order may exceed the minimum weight, but it should not be less than the minimum weight. Our site shows the maximum price per pound for the product (which is based on the item price and the minimum weight). If you believe that your order fell short of the minimum weight, please contact us and we will work with you resolve the problem.

Please remember that buying farm-direct meat is not an exact science. Home Grown Cow strives to be fair in all products listed on the site, and in the prompt resolution of customer satisfaction.

Any Questions

Please contact us is you have any questions or concerns. Or you can send an email to info@homegrowncow.com.