Shipping with Home Grown Cow

Home Grown Cow is one of the easiest ways for farms to engage in shipping. As a Home Grown Cow farmer, you don't need to worry about shipping costs, scheduling pick-ups or lost packages. When a customer places a shipping order, Home Grown Cow calculates the shipping costs that will be paid by the customer when their order is accepted and presents them to the customer at checkout as part of the cost of their order. If a Home Grown Cow farm wishes to charge for packaging, there is a section on the farm profile page where you can specify a dollar amount to cover your packaging costs for four weight ranges, should you choose to do so. You may also enter a flat rate delivery fee for a mileage radius of your choice, which will also be added to the customer's checkout total. 

Farms never have to deal with shipping calculations or charging for shipping, and Home Grown Cow includes any delivery or packaging charges in the farm payment. Home Grown Cow does not mark up any shipping-related charges at this time.

Home Grown Cow has a relationship with PeriShip, a third-party bill Fed-Ex partner. This means that Home Grown Cow customers have access to better shipping rates than regular Fed-Ex customers, and that in the event of a shipping delay or problem, customers will be notified more quickly about the problem and what is being done to solve it.

Carrier Pick-Up

Home Grown Cow handles shipping in two different ways: Carrier pick-up and non-carrier pick-up. As a general rule, Home Grown Cow schedules a pick-up at the farm for shipping orders, although you can opt out of this if your farm already has a regularly scheduled Fed-Ex pick-up or if you prefer to drop the packages off. If that is the case, uncheck the "Shipping carrier to pick up from this location..." checkbox in your farm profile (see below). Otherwise, if you leave it checked, Home Grown Cow will send the carrier to pick-up the package at the farm and add $3.00 to the shipping charge paid by the customer. If the box is not checked, the farm is responsible for getting the package to a drop-off location for the carrier. 

Shipping Documents

If you sign up as a shipping farm, when you accept an order that is to be shipped to a customer, you will receive a document by e-mail (or by fax if necessary) containing three important items:

1 - The Home Grown Cow packing slip - to be packed in the box with the contents

2 - The Fed-Ex Airbill - to be taped securely to the top of the box (or put in a pouch)

3 - Two Home Grown Cow labels - to be taped securely to two opposite sides of the box for easy identification in the event of an issue.

Farmers do not need to worry about logging on to create shipments or labels. Home Grown Cow handles it all in a single step.


Home Grown Cow recommends that farms use Home Grown Cow's own packaging for shipping, and expects all farms to follow its shipping guidelines.

Shipping Policy

Home Grown Cow displays shipping options to customers at checkout. Home Grown Cow allows only Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays as shipping days, and the maximum shipping time we allow is 2-day. There is no shipping on Thursdays and Fridays, and no Saturday delivery.

Home Grown Cow farms are responsible for packaging shipped product appropriately and are all provided with 
shipping guidelines from PeriShip.

All packages should be shipped with an appropriate amount of insulation, coolant and void-filler for the product weight, size, the geography (climate) and time of year. Home Grown Cow is not responsible for spoilage resulting from poor packaging but will work with Eaters and Farmers to resolve any issues. Home Grown Cow is no responsible for spoilage of orders where the intended recipient was not at home at the time of delivery, where the purchaser used an inaccurate address when filling out the shipping information at, or where other circumstances outside of our control presented themselves.

The amount entered in the Shipping Weight field of the Product Details screen is used in calculating the shipping cost. This weight should include the net weight of the item and the weight of any packaging materials. Home Grown Cow will pass on any shipping overages charged as a result of the package weighing less than stated.