Why Home Grown Cow?

Home Grown Cow is here for two reasons:

1) To empower farmers with the ability to sell their products over the internet.

2) To help customers who care where their meat comes from find farms that fit them.

Independent Farmers Struggle Against the Global Economy

Did you know that on average, by some calculations, farmers only receive about $0.19 of each dollar/lb that consumers pay for meat? All the rest goes into marketing, transportation, labor, processing and other off-farm costs.

Packaging plants are getting bigger too. In fact, today, 80% of the beef consumed in America is processed in just 4 packaging plants.

As a result, it is getting more difficult for small-scale farmers to make ends meet, and the number of cattle and hog farms in the US has decreased by 55% over the past 30 years because farmers have less and less ability to price their own product and are forced to take the prices set by the industry. Small farms and meat processing plants are closing, leading to fewer jobs in America's rural areas.

Home Grown Cow gives the power back to the farmers. They get to price their own product instead of being told what they'll be paid.

Consumers Want to Know More About Their Food

Consumers on the other hand, are becoming more and more interested in knowing where the meat that they eat comes from. There is growing interest in local meat, organic meat, and grass-fed meat, meat where animals are treated humanely, pesticide-free and hormone-free meat, just to name a few categories.

While Home Grown Cow does not discriminate against any kind of farm practice, it allows farmers to describe their farms and products in detail, so that consumers can find farms that supply exactly what they're looking for.

With the average price of ordinary beef at retail at well over $4.00/lb in 2010, Home Grown Cow should also allow customers to find considerable savings, as farmers can afford to price their products lower, so everybody wins.

So whether you're after ostrich steaks or a quarter of beef, if you want it shipped cross-country or would prefer to make a family day out of picking it up from the farm in person, Home Grown Cow can find the farm for you.

Help us Make a Difference!

We are a new company, so our full potential to help farmers won't be reached until enough of them sign themselves up - however it is free for them to do so, and we're hopeful that it won't take long before we have something to suit everyone's appetite.

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